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Fairbury Farm to School

Fairbury has been fortunate to have several donations of pork and beef throughout the last two years.    The DeBoer families donated two beef to kick off our Farm to School Program in the spring of 2018. Since that time, we have had more beef and pork donated by several generous families.  We have also had many monetary donations. Monetary donations are used to help defray the cost of processing the beef and pork. In addition to pork and beef, in the fall we have had donations of fresh garden produce.

The Farm to School Program is great for our school.  It gives our students pride in where there food is produced.  They get fresh from the farm foods. The cafeteria staff does a great job in serving the foods in creative and tasty dishes.   Some of the beef dishes served have been, fresh 100% ¼ lb. hamburgers, roast beef, beef and noodles and beef enchiladas. The variety of pork dishes include: Pork Tetrazinni, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Southwest BBQ Pork Pizza, Roast Pork Loin and Pork Tacos.  Fresh salsa was prepared with some of the locally produced and donated tomatoes and peppers. Fresh cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes have enhanced flavor and color of the fruit/vegetable bars. Nothing is better than a home-grown tomato. Yum…

Donations are accepted throughout the school year.  Please contact Mr. Grizzle at the district office (402-729-6104) for more information on donating beef or pork.   For donations of fresh produce, please call Jane Rhine at the high school cafeteria, (402-300-3094)

A big thank you goes out to everyone for all generous donations. Our students really appreciate all the fresh local food.