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Students With Mustaches?

Mrs. Shinn’s 3rd grade class finished reading the book Mustaches For Maddie by Shelly Brown and Chad Morris.  The students strongly recommend this book for others to read. This book is based on a true story about a girl named Maddie, who loves fake mustaches and finds out she has a brain tumor.  Maddie has to have brain surgery.  At school she also deals with a bully.  With the love of her family and some really good friends she is strong and makes it through both problems.  The book deals with handling hard problems and having compassion for others and what they are going through.  The students enjoyed the book and it made an impact of them that was visible in the classroom and around school.  The students also learned that Maddie now 15 in real life just learned she won’t be able to ever get a driver’s license.  The students wanted to let Maddie and her parents know how much they loved the book and wanted to wish her the best.  The students decided to have their teacher help them make a video of themselves and their families wearing fake mustaches.  Because everything feels better when you are wearing a fake mustache.