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Students and Teachers Attend Digital Citizenship Symposium

Last week, Mrs. Carly Winter and Mrs. Karen Dux took two 6th grade and two 7th grade students over to the ESU in Beatrice for Digital Citizenship Day.  These students were able to listen to speakers from KSB Law as well as the Nebraska State Patrol on ways to be successful and safe online.  They also had time to create media tools to take back to their district to help educate others in on district.  Fairbury students chose to create a FlipGrid with various topics discussing how we can be safe, kind, positive, etc. while interacting online.
Use the link below to check out the start of their project.  The students who participated chose to share this out students in our district in hopes that others might add their thoughts and knowledge on the various topics.
The overall message we left with that day was “Be safe, be kind.”  If we can follow these rules when interacting online, we might just be able to make our digital world a better place!