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Fairbury SkillsUSA Chapter Attends Fall Leadership Conference

On Sept. 24, 2018, the local SkillsUSA chapter at Fairbury High School attended the Fall Leadership Conference at SCC in Lincoln. This is an annual event.   This year the Fall Leadership Conference was divided into two large groups.  One half of the state held their conference in Lincoln while the other half went to Hastings.  The purpose of the Fall Leadership Conference is to kick off the year for students in SkillsUSA.   It is there the new officers for the state are introduced to the local chapters.  This year there were six different breakout sessions at the conference.  The sessions are set up to help students be better at what they do and to answer any questions they may have as SkillsUSA members. This year some of the session topics included:  What is SkillsUSA?,  The SkillsUSA Framework,  Middle School Outreach,  What to expect at the State Leadership Conference in April,  job demonstrations, teamwork, fundraising for your local chapter, and discussions about the different SkillsUSA Industry Sectors in manufacturing, Energy and Transportation. In the past, students got to go on industry tours, but they tried something different this year.  This year, they had the industry partners come to the conference and present to the students.  All in all, it was a very rewarding day.  Those students that attended the conference from Fairbury were:
1.  Dalton Buxton
2.  Makenzie Mills
3.  Taylea Mills
4.  Andrew Novotny
5.  Joshua Robertson
6.  Billie Sampley
7.  Keely Schramm
8.  Austin Massa
9.  Zach Furrow
10.  Caleb Trimm