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Construction Tech Rebuild

Students in Construction Tech are busy with their first project of the year.  In between rain storms and high winds, the boys have been busy at the home of Taylor Biehl taking down an existing garden shed.  Upon inspection of the building, the students came to the conclusion that much of the frame of the building was still usable, so they decided to replace any rotten boards with new ones.  The bottom sill plate was replaced with a green treated one and the siding and roofing will also be replaced.  The building may even get some overhang to help make the siding last longer.

Plans include to put a new roof on and shingle the building to match the house.  The boys are having a good time with the demolition phase.  I am sure that the rebuilding phase will be rewarding as well.  There is a lot of construction going on in Fairbury like our new pool and the “H” street project.  The weather certainly has been an issue with all projects around town weather big or small.  Included are some pictures that were taken while the students were removing the battered materials.  More to come!!!