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Welcome Back to School!

It is hard to believe that school is getting ready to start!  Are you ready? We are! Our maintenance staff has been busy over the summer.  They have completed several projects across our campus…detailed and repaired classrooms and they have our buildings looking great!  All in all, a busy summer of updates to our campus!

As many of you have noticed, Central Elementary is in the midst of a much needed improvement project that began this spring and will be completed later this fall!  This project focused on securing the entrance to Central. This means that once completed, any visitor coming to school, once the day has begun, will enter the school through the new office! This will be a big improvement for the security of our Central students.  Also included in this project is an ADA approved elevator. This will make Central ADA accessible. Lastly, we also have remodeled the old office space into much needed SPED instructional space. We are excited for these updates and can’t wait for everyone to see!

In addition to our maintenance staff, our teachers, administrators and staff have been busy this summer as well!  Summer is often mistaken as “time off” for our staff! If you have a family member that is a teacher, you know this is simply not the case!  Summer is the time they attend workshops that add to their foundation of instructional skills. Many teachers also continue their education by taking graduate classes as they work towards their Master degrees!  Summer is also the time when they take their groups/teams to camps, schedule individual workouts, have voluntary summer sessions and make plans for another successful season! It is truly a busy time for all!

As your summer winds down, I hope you are getting ready for school as well!  When August 15th rolls around, we will be ready and I hope you will be too!  I look forward to seeing you as the school year gets started!

Go Jeffs!

~Mr. Stephen Grizzle