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Road Trip

Fairbury High School juniors in Mrs. Julie Petersen’s Standards Math class are planning a road trip!  Project Based Learning is defined as “A teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.”  The big idea question is “Where do I want to go on my road trip after school is dismissed for the summer?”  This group of students get to spend $2000 on a road trip to three landmarks.  They are expected to not only budget their money for landmark entrance fees, souvenirs, car rental, hotels, and food, but also calculate mileage using MapQuest, miles per gallon for their chosen rental car, and the total cost of gasoline using the national average per gallon.  Writing across the curriculum is also a requirement for this project as students reflect on their research and write a paragraph for each destination.
Mrs. Karen Dux, Fairbury Public School’s technology integration specialist, visited classes to teach how to tell a story on a user friendly app called Tour Builder.  Jessa said, “It’s actually really easy to create a story about my road trip.”  Mrs. Petersen is pleased with how students can show what they know from this PBL.  Brandon is engaged in class work time stating, “I really like this project.  And I want to plan a road trip for this summer.”
This PBL is helping math students improve their proficiency at the following Nebraska Standards and apply these lessons to life: 12.1.3d, 12.2.5b, 12.2.5d.
Student presentations will be on Tuesday, April 17th if parents would like to attend.  View the student presentations by clicking on the link below: