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Nebraska Attorney General Visits FPS

Monday, March 19 was a special day for the 6th grade students at Jefferson Intermediate.  Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson stopped by to visit. Mr. Peterson talked to our students about his job as Attorney General.  He is a lawyer for the State of Nebraska and oversees 70 other lawyers who handle criminal cases across 93 counties. He talked to our students about making good choices with friends and technology.  He shared with them that if he could talk to all parents and students, he would tell them these two pieces of information. Every night whatever computer students use, the computer should be in a place where the screen can be seen by adults at all times.  The other piece of advice he offered was that parents should never allow a young person to take their cell phones to their own rooms. We appreciate that Attorney General Doug Peterson took time out of his very busy schedule to talk to our 6th graders!