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Fairbury Beef Month

March has been dubbed “Fairbury Beef Month” at Fairbury Public Schools!  Due to the generous beef donations from Rich & Kitty DeBoer and Mark & Lori DeBoer and the money donations from the Fairbury Chamber of Commerce and Sharon and Jerry Ebke to help cover the cost of processing, we are finally able to kick-off our Farm 2 School program!!  On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 marked our first student lunch using 100%, locally raised beef!  Students and staff enjoyed hamburgers and potato salad/baked beans.  We will be serving Fairbury raised beef each Tuesday during the month of March.  The menu items will be Hamburgers, Beef and Noodles, Tacos and Roast.

Our dream began over a year ago to be able to serve locally raised products in our lunch program.  We held informational meetings where local producers came and learned how we can partner with them to serve their products to our students.  Our goal would be to serve locally produced meats twice a week each for week of the school year!