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3rd Graders Learn With an OSMO

Third grade students enjoyed learning with an OSMO, a unique accessory for the ipad.  OSMO is designed specifically for children from 5 to 12 years of age.  Third grade students loved it and were very engaged in all the learning activities they tried.   The OSMO encourages learning in many areas; coding, creative thinking, logic, problem solving, confidence, engineering, spelling and math.  OSMO brings real world and social play to the iPad, by transforming the space in front of the tablet into an interactive environment.

OSMO games are designed so that they can be played alone, or socially with friends, parents or teachers. OSMO in the classroom brings students together around an iPad and engages them to learn collaboratively. Unlike other tablet apps which can isolate students, OSMO inspires students to seek social interaction.

OSMO was created by a pair of ex-Googlers who, after having kids, decided to create a way of bringing real-world play back into the digital world and encourage social interaction, creative thinking and problem-solving. After 12 months, and several prototypes, they came up with OSMO and our third grade students are very glad they did.

Osmo 2