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TeamMates Mentors Recognized at Basketball Game

Pictured: Back row, left to right: Howard Law, Brian Julin-McCleary, Mary Kay Bedlan, Barb Schmidt, Alicia Friesen, Sarah Bauer, Hali Beilser, Mark Schoenrock. Front row, left to right: Karen Law, Deb Ebke, Tiffany Ebke, Natalie Julin-McCleary, and Sharon Ebke

Mentor appreciation night was held Friday, January 19th during the basketball games against York. It was great to have mentors who are new to the chapter and mentors who have been around since TeamMates came to Fairbury in attendance. It was also nice to see TeamMates Mentors from York stand to be recognized. Even as opponents, we are united in our cause.

Mentors are more than just volunteers. They are parents, business owners, veterans, and active members in our community. But once a week, they are even more. To their mentees, they are a trusted friend, a promise keeper, a bright spot in the middle of busy school day. By simply stopping by the school to chat or play a game, they do more than just mentor– they form meaningful relationships with their mentees that often last beyond the student’s time as a Jeff.

While the Fairbury chapter has 36 matches, there are still 23 students on the waiting list who would like a mentor of their own. If you would like to be apart of the mentoring team, please contact Tiffany Ebke for application details at tebke@fairburyjeffs.org

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