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Hands on Construction

This year Mr. Scott’s Construction class took on the challenging task of attaching a one car garage onto the home of Chad and Tami Mans.  Each job is decided upon with careful thought and planning as there many different requests from the community for a variety of projects.  Choosing a project that would keep all students busy and on task has to be taken into account as well as the amount of time available to complete it. Part of our time consideration also includes travel to and from the site, loading up tools and materials, project organization and weather constraints.  A project also had to be chosen that  will challenge them and teach the standards as outlined in the curriculum guide from the state of Nebraska.

After making a few small projects in the shop during the planning and consideration process, the class decided to build the garage that measured 16′ x 22″ with a 9 foot garage door, two sliding windows and one garage door 7′ x 9′.  The homeowner was really excited that in the near future she wouldn’t have to park outside while unloading her groceries during inclement weather.
This year’s class consisted of Dalton Buxton, Zach Holes, Cayman DeBoer, Keyten Pfingsten, Trenton Sokolik, Jacob Johnson, and  Logan Slater.  Careful planning had to take place first with finding roof pitch of the existing structure to match to the garage, estimating a materials list, ordering rafters, siding, windows, a door and planning the layout of all the wall studs.  The boys learned a lot about the construction process.  Measuring and accuracy were stressed along with working as a team to accomplish a goal. Many different tools were used along the way and each student gained skills needed to be successful in their future building projects. The class had a few obstacles as we had a few boys that got injured in sports and they did well working around their injured crew.  A group picture was difficult as most of the boys were in sports as well.  There were many early outs for them to attend sporting events but it all worked out and Mr. Scott was really proud of the boys accomplishments.  It was a fun project and one that the boys will never forget.  Thank you for the opportunity as it was a success for everyone, the homeowners and the students alike.  We finished on the last day of class with the packing up of all tools, ladders and a general sweep of the property for clean up of loose nails and debris that happened to dropped to the ground.  Watch for more exciting building to come next season.