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3rd Graders Learning to Code

Third graders at Jefferson Intermediate School are learning to Code in their Enrichment class with Mrs. Shinn.  Maybe you are wondering why students should learn to code. Well, coding, also called programming, is a skill set that students could use for a future career in a world that has a shortage of skilled coders and programmers. However, coding can also help students in their other subjects, too—coding can improve skills like perseverance and problem solving.  Coding is can also be beneficial to students who are struggling with reading and math. In addition, students often feel empowered when they can create using digital media and share it with others.

The earlier we introduce children to coding, the more comfortable they will be when presented with it in middle and high school. Also, early exposure to coding helps teach children how important it is to understand computers as the valuable tools they are rather than merely fun playthings.

When students learn the fundamentals of coding it will help provide students with skills that will benefit them in any career they choose. Plus, there a lot of excitement in a room full of students learning to coding in a 3rd grade class.

These third graders want to learn how to code. They are motivated to learn how to make tablets and computers do useful things and they want to learn how to build programs and websites. To them it is actually a very cool thing to learn how to do.

However,  while “cool” is nice, what really matters are the life long benefits of building these skills:

  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Persistence
  • Collaboration
  • Communication